On this page you will find testimonials form some of Sarah’s amazing clients and students.

Abundance Meditation- Sarah writes and delivers powerful guided meditation designed to release blocks to abundance such as fear and doubt

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Guided Meditation: “Sarah is AWESOME! She has helped me shatter self imposed blocks in my life and move towards a more abundant life. If you are looking for someone to help you with your life and overall healing you need to call her! She is GREAT!” -Troy, Denver

Guided Meditation:  Sarah wrote an abundance meditation specifically me to manifest $1,000 for a new office setup.
RESULTS: Within 4 days, I had doubled my expected income for the week. Also unexpected income of $250 from e-book sales. I got an unexpected insurance rebate of $400. An unexpected gift at a restaurant, and out of the blue a friend gave me a beautiful antique desk to complete the office setup.
I have a followup abundance session scheduled with Sarah for Tuesday!” -Jim, NH

Guided Meditation:
“After such positive results from our 1st session, I did a 2nd remote abundance meditation with Sarah. The next couple of weeks were filled with miracles, including an unexpected $1000 assignment!” -Jim, NH


Reiki Freedom Coaching- Life coaching that incorporates the healing power of Reiki, and is designed to create emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom

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“ I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah over the last few months. I came to her ready to regroup and move forward, but my energy was stuck. Sarah was fabulous.  Her energy is gentle and she is extremely easy to talk to and work with.  She was able to help me get my chakras open  and my energy moving again. She gave me tools to work with at home as well and wonderful angel card readings. I am now looking forward to what is ahead.  If you are ready, and willing to do the work you need to do as well to make changes, Sarah can definitely help you.” -Shawn, Denver

“I have worked with Sarah on multiple occasions. Each time I felt great clarity  and peace in my personal and professional life.  I even have experienced enormous growth in my business since working with her! I highly recommend Sarah and all of her services!” -Gwyneth, Denver


“Sarah, Thank you for your recent assistance. I was amazed to see how effective a remote Reiki session could be. I was amazed the next day when I received clarity about my career change!” -JJ, NH

Sarah is a fantastic energy healer. It was my first experience with her particular type of practice and I really enjoyed it. The session was relaxing, but also I felt my system working through a lot of things at the same time. Sarah is incredibly intuitive and knew exactly what I was feeling after the session. It’s just as important to help yourself so you can continue to help others. I will continue to enjoy her healing hands in the future!”- Dr. Jessica, Denver

I have had multiple sessions in person and remotely with Sarah. She is amazing and has been so patient, kind and professional. I attribute much of my healing and getting back on track, to her. She is so talented and I highly recommend her!” -Christina, Denver

 “Sarah has a natural gift for working with people. She is calm an excellent listener and able to pick up on people’s energy. Her reiki session allowed me to fall into a deep relaxation. After the session we discussed the information and she helped guide me by assessing what it all meant within my own life and how I could go about working on healing myself. Her angel card readings are an excellent additional way for her to help you explore what energy is surrounding you and how to have it move in the directions that you would like.” -Amy, NYC

“I enjoyed my sessions with Sarah. I felt wonderfully energized after the session. Sarah has a warm and welcoming glow about her. I would recommend that you try Reiki with Sarah!” -Sharon, Denver


Reiki and Meditation Training- One of Sarah’s biggest passions in life is teaching. She loves how teaching Reiki and Meditation empowers students to take the reins of their own healing.

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Reiki 1: “I completed the Reiki 1 course with Sarah and it was truly life-changing. Her approach is casual and yet you learn so, so much. She makes you feel welcome at all times and goes out of her way on so many levels to make the experience an unforgettable one. I left the training weekend feeling empowered and full of joy. I feel confident and ready to start sending that beautiful energy into the world. It was a remarkable, soul-fulfilling experience.”- Andy, Fort Collins, CO

Reiki 1 (for birth workers): “I was able to use the skills I learned in my Reiki  classes to help support my clients and receive some instant results.”

Reiki 1 and 2: I took the levels one and two Reiki courses from Sarah , and have also received treatments from her. I’m so grateful she has come into my life in order to promote positive energy flow within me, and allowing me to share that gift with my clients. I’ve become hooked on her guided meditation videos and mantras, and truly find her calm presence and soothing voice as a comfort at the end of any day. -Laura, Denver

Self-Love Meditation Class ” I found it to be a great start for anyone that is determined to change their life around like myself. I love your energy. I could really feel it. I want to thank you so much for this gift, I am so glad I found you and after a long time I am feeling like there is light and you will help me find it again

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