Calling all Empaths,  this is for you!

Throughout my life I have had a tendency to take on other people’s emotions, which in the past caused anxiety and depression. I have even picked up the low frequencies from tragic events around the world. Did you notice anything different inside of you just before hearing about the Orlando shooting?

I first discovered that I could manage my own energy when I was in labor with my second child (labor with my first was a disaster!). I noticed that if I thought about anything, spoke, or moved, the pain would be substantially worse. While in labor with River I figured out how to breath and be still in such a way that I could stay calm and centered with minimal pain.

The person holding my hand while in labor was another important factor in my ability to manage my energy. The person in the beginning had beautifully calm and strong energy, which helped me to remain calm as well. When she went on a break, the assistant midwife didn’t have the same energy, which made it harder for me to focus. This was a really good lesson for me to a.) surround myself with positive energy when I am in a vulnerable situation, and b.) tune into the highest frequency.

At that time I wasn’t aware that I could consciously tune into specific frequencies of people, but I have since learned that this is a skill what we can all learn, giving us freedom to be with anyone and still feel good.

Empaths have a gift of hyper-sensitivity, where we literally feel the energy of others. I’m not talking about imagining, I’m talking feeling, as if we were in the other person’s energy field itself. While this powerful gift is useful for helping others, I have heard many discouraging stories from fellow empaths about taking on energy from people they are with, and even those who aren’t with them. I have experienced this myself and have come up with some practical solutions for those who want to protect themselves from the negative energy of others.




Release Fear– Often times the energy that we take on is a result of the fear of the situation. Fear expands that which we are afraid of. Of course as a meditation teacher I suggest meditation as the best way to release fear. My other best suggestion is mindset. When we have the mindset that everything is going to be okay, and everything is perfection, there is no room for unnecessary fear in our minds.

Learn to manage your own energy-  Managing your energy is a learned skill that can be achieved with mindful breathing and meditation. When you feel yourself becoming tense, you can take a deep breath from your belly through your nose and let it out slowly. If I start to feel really tense, I will also use positive affirmations. Meditation helps us to tune in and connect with our energy, familiarizing us with what is our and what is not.

Tune into the light- We have the ability to tune into whichever frequency we choose. Once we have the awareness of this, and we notice ourselves focusing on lower frequencies, we can make a switch to the higher vibration. For example, when we are talking with a friend who is extremely negative, we can choose to focus on all of their positive qualities like their inner beauty, strength and love. To get ideas about what to focus on for with them, look at what you admire about yourself. You may have more in common than you thought! Meditation raises our frequencies, which makes it easier to tune into the frequencies of others as well.

I know that being an empath can seem like a burden at times, but it can be a true blessing when we are conscious about how to navigate the gift. I hope that these tips help you, and I would love to hear about any struggles or encouragement that you have.

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3 Ways That You Can Protect Yourself From Taking on Negative Energy If You Are an Empath
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  • July 26, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    Hi Sarah! I like the article! What are some benefits of being an empath? I think I might be an empath, but it often feels overwhelming.


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