Chances are, if you are reading this, then you are an Earth Angel.

An Earth Angel is a human who has specifically come to Earth at this time to act as a bridge between the Physical and spiritual. We have come here to relay messages and show others their gifts.

Earth Angels have usually seen many lifetimes on Earth, but may have not actually lived here as human.

Not all Earth Angels awaken to this identity, but when we do, it is a dramatic awakening. Everything begins to make sense.

We tend to be care takers and highly empathetic and highly sensitive. We tend be particularly psychic, especially once we awaken.

We connect especially easily to angels, and even become a channel for their messages.

Earth Angels have a higher vibration than most.

Earth Angels sometimes have a hard time energizing their lower chakras, as we enjoy the energy of the upper chakras so much.

Earth Angels connect easily to children, and we tend to be childlike ourselves.

We attract other Earth Angels into our lives.


Once we awaken to the fact that we are Earth Angels, then we are most happy and fulfilled once we start living our purpose of helping others connect to Spirituality as they are ready. It is SO important to work with people who are ready and wanting that connection, as we are here to hold space, not to change people.

Many Earth Angels begin a career in healing or ministry. Others help from afar through writing or speaking.

Some choose to simply hold space for their closest loved ones.

Whichever you are called to is perfect for you. But please listen to that calling rather than forcing. The calling is real, and personal to you.

I wish you the best of luck on this beautiful path, and please know that I am here for you if you.



listen to the call

How To Know If You Are An Earth Angel

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