Here’s a conversation that has occurred between me and my Heart many times:

“Just show me what I have to do and I will do it”

“Sarah, you don’t have to DO shit! What do you want to do?” (AKA what do you want to BE?)

Such a disappointing answer.


Can you relate?


Okay I’m finally listening.

When we DO we are acting from the head. We BE from the heart.

DOing equals obligation and burden.
BEing equals joy.

There is a huge trickle effect from this. Have you ever noticed someone DOing dishes? Have you felt the burden emanating from them?

There are two choices- stop DOing the dishes, or start BEing the dishes 😉

Of course I mean starting doing them from the heart, and find out how to enJOY the process, which is a state of BEING.


The disaster of DOing is the cycle of burden. This struck me like a ton of bricks when I was burdened with doing the dishes- there was a huge mess on the counter, which was really hust a huge bouquet of flowers in the way, making me super unmotivated to clean. I realized that the flowers were there in the first place because I felt obligated! So I threw the damn wilted flowers away and did the dishes in peace.

(I have had this weird thing where I would hang on to cut flowers until they were rotten…out of obligation. Weird, huh?)

Then I looked around at my life and realized all of the other things I was DOing out of obligation, and how they had become burdens.

And the funny thing about burdens, is that the DOing all begins with burden. Then taking on of other people’s burdens and making them our own. Which created too much DOing, which created more burden! A cycle of insanity that is!

But how many of us do this?

I grew up thinking that all work was a burden, so every time I had something to DO, I would make damn sure that it was in fact a burden. Not just for myself, but for everyone else as well!

Now, of course I was never conscious of this process, it was a pattern that developed over time.

I LOVE Pothos plants (you know, the vines that are really easy to take care of)…but “I’m sorry my sweet friends, you have over stayed your welcome in my home.” I’m letting them go and getting a cactus instead.

Perfectionism is so exhausting…and a burden. It is the perfect example of doing and not being. Working towards perfection is of the mind and not the heart. If it were from the heart, then the heart would say ”What the hell are you doing, Girl? Who gives a shit?”

SO…What to do with all of this?

First, we can surrender to the heart. The heart absolutely correct when it says “It. Doesn’t. matter.” The doing doesn’t matter. As long as we stay in our heart, we will enjoy every aspect of our lives, regardless of how mundane, tedious, or unjust.

We can say a prayer to our heart.

Close your eyes and send your energy to your heart by focusing on it. Imagine your heart filled with light growing and growing. Becoming warm and soft. Allowing it’s energy to seep into every other part of yourself.

“My heart, I am listening and feeling you. I hear your Truth, I feel your Truth. Thank you”



The Disaster of Doing, and the Cycle of Burden- Getting Back into the Heart

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