Did you know that you are a healer?

Have you felt that innate desire to help others? How have you felt when you acted on that desire?

Especially in this time of universal transformation, we all have unique gifts that are designed to be given away in order to help another person remember the presence of God/Spirit. And that truly is the essence of healing- the realization of God at a mental or physical level.

Whether it’s through art, music, energetic, structural, or nutritional healing, it’s all healing, and it all brings us closer to God/Spirit.

We are all healers, because we all are expressions of God, and when we express our healing, everyone around us senses the God qualities, and resonates deeply with it. Some of this is conscious, and some of it isn’t. But if you look back on your own life, was there any kind of transformation that happened surrounding a healing result? Did you have a realization about yourself, your body, or your abilities?

So we are all healers, so what?

When we don’t give away our gifts, it causes tension inside of us, beginning on a spiritual level, and entering into the physical body.

I remember when I was at art school, art was my life. I created and studied all day and night. I loved it! 

On a holiday break I noticed something wasn’t quite right…I felt stressed, de-energized, I got sick easily, and I even had an eye twitch. At first I had no idea, but when I realized it was the first time in months that I wasn’t creating anything, I knew right away that it was from lack of making art. Sure enough, when I went back to school, I could finally breath.

One of our biggest causes of stress comes from not living our purposes. And it is our biological nature as a human being to be giving healing energy in some form to others.

When we don’t do this we can literally become ill. We become stressed, emotionally eat, and even depressed. We may never associate it with lack of healing, but once we begin discovering what our special gifts are, we begin the process of becoming whole again.

When I decided to learn Reiki I hadn’t set out to heal my anxiety, depression, or food addiction/disorder. Something inside of me knew that I needed to learn (remember) how to heal others as a career. My personal healing was an after effect of learning and giving healing.

This is all part of the plan! A beautiful survival mechanism. As we heal we are healed.


I am teaching free live online classes on November 29th and 30th where I teach students how to heal anxiety (the basis of just about all pain and disease).

But it’s not just about healing our anxiety permanently. We don’t ever heal just for ourselves. We heal for our friends, family, neighbors, and ancestors as well. Every time we show up in healing and strength, we inspire others and give them hope. We show them what’s possible, as they see the reflection of themselves in our healing.

So the question isn’t “Do I have healing gifts,” it’s “what are my healing gifts, and how can I offer them to the world?”

I would love to invite you to this incredible opportunity to create some real magic in your life in the form of healing.

I cannot wait for this! I love nothing better than witnessing the magic emerge from others.

We go live on the 29th and 30th at 11am and 6pm MTD.

I hope you can join us!

Love and Blessings,




Did You Know You Are A Healer?

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