You know that you are intuitive, but you don’t know when to trust it, and when not to.

You don’t want to screw up because of following “bad” intuition

You wish your guidance was clearer.



I can totally relate! Every time my inner voice tells me not to eat the bagel from Panera, or my kids’ Halloween candy, and I do it anyway, I pay for it with a stomach ache and feeling totally gross.

Every time the voice tells me not to hang out with someone, but I do it anyway, because the “have so much potential,” I pay for it by being taken advantage of and surrounded by negativity.

Oh and then there are the times I have gone to hair salons, against my inner guidance, and gotten the worst haircuts ever.

Every single time I listen to my intuition, I enter the flow, that magical place where things fall into our laps and becomes easy.

When we made the intuitive decision to move to Colorado, we were immediately gifted with friends and opportunities.

Can you relate?

But it wasn’t so easy to allow myself to trust that voice. It starts out small and quiet, but the more we get quiet, the louder and clearer the voice becomes.

Here are some tricks to getting to know, and trusting your intuitive voice:

  • Meditation helps us to quiet the mind, allowing the voice to become clear. Since meditation is primarily about listening, try asking for guidance before you begin your meditation, and expect the answer within the next day.
  • Angel cards help us to connect with our guidance. Every time we do a reading the connection becomes stronger, and clearer- especially when we follow the guidance!
  • Getting enough sleep is crucial to mental clarity- ask any new mom. This has to do with the fact that we have more self-control when we are well-rested.

My kids are 4 and 6, and still wake up in the middle of the night. On the days that I get a full night’s sleep, I am amazed at the clarity of my intuition! There are debates as to what is considered enough sleep, but 7-8 hours seems to be the average answer. Play around with it for yourself, and remember that when we are well rested, we are so much more productive the next day.

  • Healthy diet also keeps the mind clear. Drinking enough water and fresh fruits and veggies is essential for healthy intuition.
  • Practice! When we listen and follow our guidance, it become clearer and stronger. Following your intuition could mean actually following the guidance, or simply expressing it out loud. For example, in my healing sessions, I get bits of intuitive information. If I don’t do anything with them, they remain as little bits. But if I express them out loud, then immediately more of the story appears. The more I express, the more comes.

        When we have a hard time trusting our intuition, we can practice with little things. One harmless way is with playing cards. Go through the deck, intuiting what each card will be. We make mistakes, but the more we practice, the more accurate we become. You might surprise yourself!           




How To Be Confident In Your Intuition

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