Have you wondered what exactly reiki attunements are? Have you wondered if they are real, necessary, or can be done remotely? In this post I will bring come much needed clarity to the subject of reiki attunements!

  • What are attunements? The attunement is a special ritual performed by a trained reiki master teacher. With the assistance of spiritual guides, the CRMT awakens the energetic channel, and opens your heart and palm chakras. With each attunement (there is one for each level of reiki) you become progressively more opened and awakened to reiki energy, and the energy flow becomes stronger and stronger. When you receive your attunement, you will go through a 21 day energetic cleanse as your vibration and consciousness is lifted. During the energetic cleanse, your intuition will increase, you will experience more synchronicities, and you will experience new clarity in your life.
  • What does an attunement feel like? Your attunement will feel similar to a reiki attunement. Everyone experiences it differently, and each attunement is a different experience- exactly what you need at the time of the attunement. Many people experience a rush of energy, heat, coolness, visual images, and audible messages. Some people simply feel relaxation from the soothing energy and guided meditation. There is no wrong experience, and the attunements work every time.
  • Why are they necessary for all reiki practitioners? Reiki is a unique healing modality that is based on channeling life force energy, rather than using our own personal energy. It is possible for you to practice the art of “reiki,” but it isn’t really reiki until you have received your attunement.
  • Do attunements have to be done in person? Attunements work the same way that a reiki treatments does, in that they can be done over any distance. I have had my students tell me that their attunements were even more powerful with my remote treatments than the in-person attunements they previously received.
  • How can reiki attunements benefit my life outside of practicing reiki? There are many reasons to become trained and attuned to reiki. Typically my students are looking to heal themselves, start a career in healing and coaching, or both. Being attuned to reiki will also help you to become a master manifester, as it will raise your frequency, making you even more spiritually powerful. Becoming a master manifestor will literally improve every of life, from your career or business to your relationships. Being attuned to reiki will also support the other healing modalities that you practice, such as acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy, chiropractic, and more!

When you become attuned and trained in reiki, you will be able to achieve in a matter of weeks what someone un-attuned will take years to master.

  • Are there any other types of attunements? In addition to reiki, I offer angel and akashic record attunements, which create powerful energetic connections between you and the angels and akashic records.
  • How can I receive my attunements? You can receive 3 levels of reiki atunements, plus the angel and akashic records attunements in my online professional program, Miracle90.


“Never had a Reiki attunment. How do you feel afterwards?” Reiki attunements feel incredible! After the ritual, you will typically feel incredible relaxed and energized at the same time. You will feel like you have just been on a transformational journey…which you have!

“What happens if I fall asleep during the attunement? Will it still work?” The beauty with attunements is that they always work! They work on a souls level, and your soul never sleeps, so it makes so difference whether your conscious being stays awake or not.

“I too have never had an attunement, but have been very curious. How does this correlate with aligning your Chakras? Are you able to learn to attune yourself?
Is this how you unlock a higher level of consciousness/sensitivity to your own gifts and/or past life connections?” Your attunements will open and clear your chakras. You can ask your guides to give you an attunement, though I strongly recommend being involved with classes as well, so that you gain the proper skills and tools to work with the new vibration. 

As you can see, reiki attunements are incredibly special and powerful processes! For more information about reiki and spiritual coaching, sign up for my free intro class here: https://sarahnolan.easywebinar.live/heal-yourself-and-others-with-reiki-20

7 Top Questions Answered About Reiki Attunements

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