Keeping a positive attitude is the difference between success and failure.


When people come to me with a problem, my go to answer is “stay positive.” It’s so simple! And most people know it already. In fact, I rarely use those exact words, because it seems to have become cliche…people are sick of hearing it!

How the heck are you supposed to stay positive when you feel like shit??

Of yeah, of course it’s easy to say “Stay positive” when you are succeeding, and everything is going smoothly. But how often does that happen? Life gets messy!

Sometimes it feels like we are left high and dry when we fall and can’t get back up. When we are sick or in pain. Where is the spiritual support then?

“Sorry, you are too much of a downer right now, come back later.”

Have you ever gotten that feeling?

This is something that I have struggled with myself, the deliverer of the “stay positive” message. But as someone who is obsessed with success and results, I never accepted the idea that I couldn’t make myself feel positive when I feel like shit.

With any mindset change, it does take some mental training, and catching ourselves when we begin to get drawn into the Swamp of Sadness.




Here are 6 ways I have come up with for staying positive when I feel like shit:

1) Let go of the Ego: Remembering that the reason we fall into the Swamp of Sadness in the first place is the Ego. The Ego has absolutely no control of us if we don’t let it. When we strip the Ego…we are left with Truth, Forgiveness, and Action.

2) Feel Grateful:  Start easy- remember that you are living and breathing, which is a miracle in its self! You have people who care about you. You live in a modern world with modern conveniences. You have free will. You have food to ear and air to breath. You can create ANYTHING you want from your creative ideas.

3) Focus on what you love: Think of loved ones and friends, and what you love about them. Think about your favorite songs, colors, places, and foods. What do you love about these things?

When more time you spend focusing on positive thoughts, the easier positivity will flow. You may have to force it for a minute or two, you will find it becoming more natural.

4) Be a referee to your mind: When you sense negative thoughts coming into your mind, notice where they are coming from. Gently tell them that they are not needed right now. What can you learn from the negative thoughts? What action can you take?

5) Sleep: When all else fails, take a nap! Sleep with the intention of waking up clear and energized, then attempt the above suggestions. Sleeping will help to release resistance, allowing your mood to improve when you wake up.

6) Call up a positive friend: There is nothing like personal connection to break the trance of pain and sadness. Who do you know that can make you laugh or lift your spirits? Can’t think of anyone? Call me for a free discovery session! I am always up for an uplifting conversation 🙂

All of these suggestions are self-soothing techniques that replace the need for addictive behaviors, like drugs, alcohol, emotional eating, and even indulgence of negative thinking and scrolling through Facebook or watching TV.

Why does staying positive matter so much?

If you want to reach your goals (and I know you do too!), regardless of how big, small, or unrealistic, you MUST stay positive to succeed. It is simple law of attraction.  When you fixate yourself (your energy) on possible negative outcomes…negative outcome is what you get. When we are focused on positive outcome, success is inevitable! Simple, right? I know that you have heard it before, but I am hear to remind you again 🙂

Your goals are way too valuable to be sabotaged by negative thinking. YOU have so much to offer this world. YOU have it in you to succeed at anything you set out to.

I would love to hear about your goals! Do you need help discovering your vision for yourself?  This is my specialty! You can set up a free discovery session with me here:

Have fabulous day my friend! So much love and peace to you.

Love and Blessings,

6 Ways To Stay Positive When You Feel Miserable

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