Do you feel numb? Change it up!

The other day I found myself in this weird funk. I didn’t feel depressed, and I couldn’t really put my finger on it. I felt numb. I had no motivation. I have learned to recognize why this happens out of the blue. Usually it is a calm before the storm, meaning that there is a major shift happening within me, and there is so much internal processing happening, that there isn’t much energy left for my conscious mind.

Even though I knew what was happening, I still had a hard time shaking it off and re-energizing myself. What the heck?? Isn’t that frustrating? Apathy can be a very difficult hole to climb back out of.

Do you ever experience numbness?

This experience got me thinking about the deepest depressions in my life, and reminded me of the destructive ways I used to try to make myself feel ALIVE…before I knew anything about managing my emotions.

Listening to loud angry music
Cutting myself
Smoking pot
Eating junkfood

I was always in search of something to make me feel. Isn’t it ironic that all of the ways I tried to feel alive were also destroying me and contributing to the numbness? If only I had known that it would pass if I just took care of myself and waited patiently!

What ways do you energize yourself?

As I grew older I began to learn healthy methods of combating apathy. I realized that apathy is forgetting our connection with God or Spirit. Reconnecting with Spirit naturally eliminates apathy.

Self Care Sunday! (2)

Here are 5 ways to feel ALIVE without drugs or alcohol:

1. Break out of the routine- There is nothing more numbing than a rigid long term routine. When we switch out of mindless patterns of how we get to work, eating, and sleeping, we become much more conscious overall. We feel everything more when we try something new, experiencing it for the first time.

2. Get creative- Creativity is Spirit expressing. Starting a new project of any kind is a great way to energize our lives, feeling more ALIVE.

3. Work out- Exercise brings us back into our bodies, feeling every muscle, bone, joint, and heartbeat. It reminds us of our physical qualities and that we are ALIVE.

What kind of exercise makes you feel the best?

4. Hike a mountain- When we get out in nature, surrounded by everything ALIVE, we are reminded of the Spirit that flows through all things. Nature is in constant movement, always changing. It naturally breaks us out of the routines. The process of hiking a mountain reminds us of the journey of life, the ebbs and flows. It reminds us of our place in the world as a human.

5. Pray or go to a spiritual gathering such as church, Kirtan, or group meditation– Prayer is a great way to get the Spirit flowing, and deepening our connection with how ALIVE we are. When people come together to pray, the energy is much stronger, making the connection to Spirit easier and stronger. Connecting with others helps us to feel more ALIVE as well.

If you ever struggle with feeling numb and lifeless (which is a totally normal part of the human experience), then I challenge you to try one of these ideas…or give them all a try! Since putting these into practice my life has become much more vibrant, and apathy is extremely rare. I hope that you are also blessed by connecting with your Spirit.

Do you have more suggestions? I would love to hear! What has helped you to feel more ALIVE?

If you would like some deep support with healing and feeling more like your Authentic Self, then feel free to schedule a free Discovery Session!

Have a lively vibrant day today my friend! You deserve to feel the fullness of your powerful divine self <3

Love and Blessings,


5 Healthy Ways To Feel More ALIVE

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