Vision boards are incredibly powerful for intuitively coming up with your vision for yourself. They can help you to learn about what is truly in your heart. By creating a vision board you begin manifesting your desires…your dreams!

When we are in the creative process, the Quantum Field, we begin psychically creating in the real world.When I made my first vision board years ago, I had put it off for FOREVER! I thought it had to be a specific way, thought I had to use specific magazines, and thought I had to cut out specific types of pictures. I even worried about the type of board for it.

BUT Once I finally created it, I had so much fun!! And it put my life in the FLOW with crazy momentum. I had manifested everything on the board within a couple of months…then it was time for a new board! I make these vision boards every couple of months to keep me on track with the goals of my soul.

In this free class, you will see that it can be really simple! In fact, the more simple and quickly that you make it, the more authentic the vision board will be. I recommend that students do not think about the process. Turn off your analytical mind, and tune into your creative mind and intuition. Putting on some music will help the process.

Here are the simple steps to creating your vision board:

1) Get a few magazines from your local doctor, dentist or library.

2) Have your glue (I recommend what kind to get in the video), blank paper or cardboard, and scissors ready.

3) After taking some deep breaths and letting go of all worry, you can begin!

4) Flip through the magazines, and cut anything out that sparks joy or inspiration within you. These are your intuition saying, “This is it!” cut out words, phrases, and images or varying size.

5) Glue the images onto your board (see the video for board instructions)


Congratulations, you did it!! Now you can admire the activity of your beautiful spirit before you. Do you notice any themes? You can analyze your vision board the same way as you would your dreams.

I can help! I can intuitively interpret your vision board to help you discover what your soul path is. You can schedule a FREE Discovery Session here!

I hope you enjoy this process. It really is fun and enlightening! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you sent me a picture of your finished product <3

Have a FABULOUS day!!

Love and Blessings,

5 Simple Steps to Creating a Vision Board in Under 30 Minutes

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