Are you an empath? Are there times when you feel like you have no control over your emotions? Like your mood is at the whim of every full moon, aggressive driver, or political candidate? There are certainly times like these when I forget my footing in life as well, falling into the trap of the negative emotions and energy around me. This happens when we aren’t grounded.

I was at a bar with my husband, Ryan last weekend, and we found a quiet spot to play Yahtzee (yes, this is life after having kids šŸ˜‰ ). It was the only outdoor shady spot in the place, perfect for a fun game and conversation. Just as we sat down, a group of men sat down right next to us, which was perfectly fineā€¦but they soon began talking.

Couldnā€™t have they just sat there, staring into each otherā€™s eyes? Their whole conversation was a long stream of complaints and negativity. I could almost see the dark thundering cloud looming over their table.

I spend so much of my life focusing on being positive and grateful, and here were these men sucking the life out of me!

Here we are, grounding in the Rocky Mountains

Ryan and I are both empaths, extremely sensitive to the energy around usā€¦and on this particular evening, I wasn’t grounded, letting my energetic guard down.

(Here we are, grounding together in the Rocky Mountains!)

Even though we tried to ignore them, I noticed that we started to give in to the negativity, complaining about work, and our losing Yahtzee hands. Before I caught myself, I almost let the drunk group ruin our evening.

Okay, this may seem harsh on myself, but I do like to use these minor situations the learn from. ItĀ reminds us of what it is like to lose control, and how good it feels to be in control. It is the perfect example of how Empaths can get drawn into the lower vibration of other people when we forget to stay grounded in ours.

When we are grounded, we are fully present in our bodies, here, and now, not mixed up Ā with others’ energy. When we are ungrounded, our energy stays up in our heads, coming and going as it pleases. Ā I have some guidelines that I follow to make sure that I am always ahead of the game and prepared for these situations.

Here are some ways that we, Empowered Empaths can ground ourselves:

Focus on our feet- Our energy goes where we focus, right? Grounding can be literally bringing our energy down to the Earth, so what better way than to focus on your feet? Try this now, and notice your feet becoming tingle. Practice this exercise: As you breathe in, imagine drawing your energy and breath from the bottoms of your feet, flowing it all the way to the top of your head. As you breathe out, imagine sending your breath and energy all the Way back down to your feet. You can practice this daily to gain more control of your energy.

Connect to what is ours– The issue that comes with extreme empathy is that we can take on the energy of other people. By connecting to our bodies and our world, we become more solidly connected to ourselves energetically as well. Our energy goes where our focus goes. By fixating on other people or situations, empaths can literally have a mini out of body experienceā€¦not grounded! Bottom line, we need to focus on ourselves to stay grounded.

Stay sober– When buzzed, drunk or high, we are very much out of our bodies, leaving us susceptible to being influenced by anything that we come across, as well as energetic attachments. Energetic attachments can be life sucking, causing funks that just donā€™t go away. In fact any addictive substances/ behavior can open us up to energetic attachments.

Stay connected with nature- Nature is God expressed in its purest form. When we spend time outside we are reminded on a deep level of our perfection, and of the timeless qualities of the Universe. Nature brings us into the here and now, connecting us to Mother Earth, who helps us to feel secure within ourselves.

Self-Care– When we care for ourselves properly, everything tends to fall into grounded balance. Are you taking care of yourself the way you deserve to be cared for? I know life gets in the way, which is why I created this Self-Care check list for my clients and students to keep track. There are some ides for you to complete each day along with room for you to add your own routines.




Grounding is a practiced art. Jeeze, I didnā€™t even learn how to do it intentionally ground until I was a Reiki Master. After some extreme cases of taking on peopleā€™s energy and messing up electrical connections, I decided to figure it out once and for all. Try out some or all of these tips, and see what works for you. I would love to hear about you experiences!

Have the best rest of your day ever- amazing things are coming your way!

Love and Blessings,


5 Helpful Grounding Tips For Empaths

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