When I first started practicing Reiki I was super religious about my self-treatments. But then life happened! Over time my practice has evolved into a way of life.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in a personal Reiki practice is not using it enough. Reiki works 100% of the time, but the more we use it, the stronger our channel is, and the more effective the treatments are.

The more we use Reiki, the more our lives can easily flow. Every time we connect with Reiki, our vibration is raised, and release blocks.

This is even more effective than meditation, because with Reiki, it doesn’t matter what energetic state we are in before the treatment. The energy does the work for us. Isn’t that awesome??

New to Reiki and want to try it for yourself? I created a remote Reiki session for you to download! This particular session is about opening our flow to love, with an energetic release. Enjoy!



Here are some ways to incorporate Reiki into our lives every single day without it taking a huge amount of time:

Balance chakras upon awakening

Make a habit of infusing all food with Reiki, blessing it

Self-Reiki in the shower

Give Reiki hugs

Give plants Reiki as you feed and water them

Give pets Reiki as you cuddle with them

Balance chakras before making important phone calls

Balance chakras before tests and important events

Set sacred space before going to bed

Set sacred space when going into meetings

Balance chakras when you go to the bathroom


While all of these methods make a huge impact on our lives, I do also recommend taking 10-20 minutes each day for a full self-Reiki treatment. This will infuse your entire body with love and allow massive healing to occur on a regular basis.

Have fun, my Reiki friends!


Sarah -Nolan-Reiki-master-life-coach

11 Ways To Incorporate Reiki Into Daily Life To Feel AMAZING

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