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I help High Achieving Moms achieve their best lives – free of pain and filled with movement and joy without drugs, counseling, doctor’s visits, or a major life changes. Through this process, my clients commonly achieve weight loss and even quitting smoking, generating more income, physically healing, more energy, and they become less reactive in challenging situations.

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Do you know what you were born for greatness, but you’re having a hard time taking your first steps?

The I am a Goddess training is a journey of self-discovery for women who would like to cultivate the confidence it takes to start living their dreams and their purpose.

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Sarah Nolan’s Holistic Vibrancy System for improving the quality of women’s lives is legendary.
Since 1993 Sarah has been working with energy to enhance her life. She started meditating and growing her intuitive abilities as a young child to ease the pain of chronic anxiety and depression.
When she discovered the system she uses today, she not only found complete emotional harmony, but she found balance in her body and complete life transformation as well.
One of Sarah’s keys to constant momentum and growth is keeping her energy clear and balanced while tapping into her Infinite Source to consistently expand herself.
What she found was that she can leverage this energy in order to enhance every facet of life- her marriage, parenting, physical and emotional health, her business, and finances.
When tapped into her Infinite Source, she’s able to quickly and easily achieve what take most others months or even years.



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